Reverends Larry and Mary Ellen Swartz are ordained Unity Ministers who founded and served Unity of Tucson from 1966 to 2019. Retiring from the Tucson ministry after 53 years of service, both have a background in Silent Unity (the prayer ministry at Unity School of Christianity) where they worked and received the majority of their ministerial training.

Larry, ordained in 1966 by Lowell Fillmore (son of Unity founders, Charles and Myrtle Fillmore), has served in various capacities and offices in addition to his local ministerial duties, including president of the International New Thought Alliance, president of Unity Worldwide Ministries (formerly Association of Unity Churches) and president of the Southwest Unity Region. You can find an online journal and a collection of Larry’s views and opinions as we learn to accept our Oneness with God at Larry’s Thoughts.

Ordained in 1972, Mary Ellen devotes her time to ministry, counseling, biofeedback training and being the mother of their three children and grandmother to their three grandsons.

Together Larry and Mary Ellen share the Unity message in Tucson and offer one of “love, inspiration, learning and healing” through lessons, podcasts, counseling and a type of leadership that helps people get in touch with their God potential thereby changing their lives. They make Christianity truly practical and understandable.