How Things Come to Be

Charles Fillmore sees a distinct analogy between the symbolism in the first chapter of Genesis as it pertains to God and creation and to man and manifestation.  This can be comprehended only when one views the Creation story in Genesis as an allegory.  In the Bible, numbers have symbolic meanings.  Seven is the symbol of completion in the manifest realm.  The seventh day [Sabbath] symbolizes a period of rest from externally directed attention and effort.

Everything happens…everything…from center to circumference, meaning there is always Principle behind all things that appear in our lives as circumstance, occurrence, event, personality, person place or thing.  If, as in the above paragraph, seven means completion, why didn’t they say it?  That insight probably wasn’t even understood by the writer, but was embedded in the insight that came through inspiration so as to lie latent for future times of discovery.  Then, if the “code” is seven, must it be days?  What about minutes or some other such time frame?  Let’s explore together.