A Re-Boot of Prosperity

“God did not create the universe out of nothing, but out of Himself, universal substance.  Man cannot make something out of nothing. The better he understands substance out of which he makes things, the better he will be able to bring forth whatever he desires. Then he will not be deceived by the thought that things count. He will know that he can make more things whenever he wants to and that he need not burden himself with laying up stores for the future.” (Charles Fillmore, Prosperity).

Unity has always been in the forefront of the understanding that thought is the tool that shapes substance into whatever we desire, and this understanding sharpens the absolute need for man (using the generic term of that day) to be focused in thought so as to be a cooperative participant in this grand adventure of co-creating.  Here we realize that it isn’t just the desire that is important but equally important is the mental and emotional acceptance of the process that brings into manifestation everything that is in our world…in our life.  Not realizing this Law or Principle behind all form, many have very unorganized thought and hence a very unorganized and unfulfilling life.  Then, in this process of the scissor-like quality of thought that seemingly cuts out of Substance the manifest form of our desire, to realize that the mechanics of this isn’t our concern and not to stumble with doubts as to the impossibility of a dream or desire happening…but it isvital to understand the “why.”  The “why” is a growing understanding that focused thought is our powerful tool, and to then keep on keeping on in our times of knowing.