The Fullness of Time

“I do not believe in the power of sin in myself or in others.”  (Jesus Christ Heals – C. Fillmore, page 61)

While this is a dramatic statement from our co-founder, for someone to just extract this rather short statement and say that it reflects a major belief of Unity would be very untrue.  The word “sin” must be defined so as to make his statement true and logical.  “Sin (error) is first in mind and is converted by a mental process, or by going into the silence.  Error is brought into the light of Spirit and then transformed into a constructive life force. ‘Be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind.’” (Romans 12:2). (Revealing Word)  The statement can now make sense for it speaks to a placement or focus of thought toward what is right and true within ourselves and within others, and strips it of any power that once we may have been told is valid and real.  Only God, hence Love, Life, Abundance and Joy, is Real; however, we can embrace another definition of the word “sin,” and then allow its definition of fear to remain for a time…but why?

So now…I only believe in the power of Goodness and Love in myself and others.