Health is Our True Nature

“Health is fundamental in Being and is man’s divine birthright. To be healthy is natural. Health is the normal condition of man and of all creation. It is the orderly state of existence. It is a state of being sound or whole in mind, body and soul. God’s man is hale, whole , hearty. Health, real health, is from within and does not have to be manufactured in the without. Health is the very essence of Being. It is as universal and enduring as God.” Charles Fillmore, Dynamics for Living.

Health and wellness can be thought of as one of the fundamental  pillars of Unity’s beliefs/teachings. It often speaks to the native Intelligence…God-Intelligence…within the very DNA of each cell.  Sickness of any kind is therefore the result of our giving a different set of marching orders to the cells and functions of our body. This is, of course, not a purposeful act on our part, but one that is the result of sloppily using our I AM identity and identifying it with patterns of thought that are not worthy of the co-creative journey that each is upon.  This, of course, can be changed once we understand the process by which everything is brought into manifestation  from invisible directive thought that is behind everything in our lives. Once we begin to understand and accept responsibility for the process behind how everything comes into expression…including our bodies…we can then begin to learn how to not only step out of the way of the Intelligence within each cell, but to encourage what is happening. We can begin to use consciously positive, powerful and consistent statements of identification as we now intelligently use our I AM to only hand-shake with what we really want to do, be and have, not contrary.  Health and wellness is your true nature; Unity’s message is helping us to become a conscious and positive cooperative component to this Truth of Being.