Whatever the Question, Love is the Answer

“One should make it a practice to meditate regularly on the love idea in universal Mind, with the prayer, ‘Divine love, manifest thyself in me.’ There should be periods of mental concentration on love. Think about love, and all the ideas that go to make up love will be set into motion. This produces a positive love current which, when sent forth with power, will break up opposing thoughts of hate, and render them null and void.” Charles Fillmore, Dynamics for Living.

Then, I have felt an inner nudge from the experience of having my inner moments with the Idea of Love to share a thought.  Don’t forget why you came to Church in the beginning, meaning to keep this original intent and purpose paramount regardless of involvement within any aspect of the inner mechanics of what keeps a Church running. Over the years we have seen examples of a volunteer activity completely capturing one’s energies that when that service/activity ceased, so did their presence in any aspect of the Church cease – it can be easy to forget that inner spark of Spirit that was finding fulfillment, yet when sidetracked into a necessary volunteer service usurped their attention and energies and became the reason why they were here.  Sometimes we can see this happening and it is difficult to approach one with this thought/possibility.  So, if you are serving in some capacity within the valuable and necessary volunteer cadre, monitor this and ask the question, “Is this now why I come to Church?”  And, if it is the primary reason, meaning the ‘why’ I came to Church in the first place is now very distant, I would rather you step back and reignite that ‘why.’  Board service is often a culprit for this to happen to someone as it can easily take the place of the ‘why.’  Your/our Spiritual journey is what is important. Remember to keep this focus especially if you can see your energies being drained away in other directions and now are becoming the reason why you are here.