Rocking the Boat

Who of us haven’t had the experience of walking through a moment with harmony and peace in our minds when along came a situation or a person who disrupts our divinely focused moment with mindless chatter or action, causing (we think) our thoughts to be replaced with judgmentalness and even anger.  Who of us…  What happened?  In that moment we transferred responsibility for our focused thought choices away from us and on to another, and it took place so very quickly we didn’t realize the mechanics of what happened.  Granted…it was/is far easier (and far more automatic) to place the blame upon another than to gently acknowledge that based on the circumstance at hand we allowed it to supersede a choice to be tranquil and at peace, and to rock our boat.  “We.”  “I.”  Not another.  No big deal as we, in this moment, acknowledge that another event or person only has the power over us that wegive to them.  In this peaceful moment of the now, as we again remember it is only we who can transfer self-responsibility to something outside of us, we are more apt to remember to not do it when a disruptive something is trying to get our attention.  “You’re the only boat-rocker in your world…only you can rock your boat.”