Then…“There is no shortage. And any attention to shortage of something wanted will always produce negative emotion within you because your guidance is letting you know that you have strayed from your broader basic understanding of abundance and Well-Being. Whether you are focused upon the shortage of money—or seeing yourself as having only so many years to live (and so each day that is expended is one day closer to the end of your years)—that feeling of decline is contrary to your broader understanding of the Eternal nature of your Being.” Abraham [Excerpted from Money and the Law of Attraction on 8/31/08]

Often as we speak with people who might have a challenge in the area of manifesting abundance in their lives we discover that, understandably, their major focus is upon that large and menacing black hole that is called lack along with all the other adjectives and synonyms that reinforce the “I don’t have” experience. Of course, when someone comes in to speak with us, it is necessary to set the stage as to why they are there with us. What we then discover, many times, is that what they tell us so as to set the stage for our time together, is the story that they tell over and over again. It is the story that is at the center of their experience. What is then happening is the vibrational energy that is intertwined within their story, the more it is told, becomes the all-encompassing magnetic energy that looks for reinforcement within their world of effects to reinforce the accuracy or truth behind their story. Abraham says that we can do the same thing with age. Once we understand the process behind how things move from cause to effect within our lives, we can begin to change the cause, meaning the story we tell or the focus we maintain. Not always easy especially if this is our first exposure to understanding the Law of Attraction or how things find their way in our lives, for the “have not” story for many is engrained in their words and thoughts from the moment they wake up to when they lay in bed and sleep. This has to change, for the definition of insanity is doing the same thing and expecting the outcome to change.

Suggest: Find someone who you can talk to who isn’t stuck in a “have not” space, and with them begin to verbalize a story of fulfillment and success, maybe beginning to speak and internalize something as basic and simple as “Things always work out for me!” Talk with them about the logic behind why this has to be true within a Universe that only holds abundance for everyone. Then, expand the affirmation to things that are specific to your moment. Don’t reach out too far, but become comfortable with telling this story rather than the “have not” story. What is happening is gradually a vibration base that is in alignment with your dream and desire is being formed and the Universe unerringly fulfills it. Start the process and make a commitment to being a corporative component to its Truth and Reality in your life. Start with a happy-serious commitment.