The Eleventh Commandment

Is your Spiritual Journey a spectator “sport” or one of active and conscious involvement?  We use the term center to circumference, and if this has meaning, then it can be used as a tool to enhance transformational moments within absolutely everything.  It is a term that reminds us to never go into moments of discovery, decision, conversation and commitment without first consciously acknowledging our connectivity with Infinite Mind (God, Source).  It has been likened by some to putting on a helmet prior to getting on a fast motorcycle as sometimes the journey of life within a physical body can seem fast, and on occasion treacherous.  It is the practice of never going out in just the awareness of the often vulnerable human garment.   A brief focus on our “center” doesn’t require a lengthy process if only to inwardly speak I am a spiritual being, living in a spiritual universe and governed by spiritual law that then results in a blessing upon our circumference moments that taps into even more wonderful things.  Begin your day with this reminder and make a game out of how often it can be done; eventually it will be as natural and normal as fastening a seat belt.