“By paying attention to the way you feel, and then choosing thoughts that feel the very best, you are managing your own vibration, which means you are controlling your own point of attraction — which means you are creating your own reality. It’s such a wonderful thing to realize that you can create your own reality without sticking your nose in everybody else’s, and that the less attention you give to everybody else’s reality, the purer your vibration is going to be — and the more you are going to be pleased with what comes to you.”  Abraham  [Excerpted from Boca Raton, FL on 12/8/01]

As this is a new part to the “puzzle” it is so often overlooked, but once understood is simplifies our interaction with how to let our lives work in a fulfilling and happy state.  Once and for all, really accept that only you for you have control over the creation of your own reality…and, you water this down the more you give attention to another’s choices that often leave you shaking your head in disgust or disapproval, for such emotions once internalized then become a point of foundation for the reality you are forming that you may not want or like.  Be selfish, for by being truly self-focused you will do more for those around you than might be accomplished were you allowed to manipulate and control.