O the Words We Speak

“When the contrast gets greater, the desire gets greater too, and that’s what miracles are from. A miracle is nothing more than a terrible situation that has caused strong desire and then somehow an alignment of Energy with the desire. Everyday life creativity, that’s all that it is.” Abraham [Excerpted from Chicago, IL on 11/2/97]

So, why wait until a terrible situation comes into view in our lives?  Setting aside a constant and consistent time to focus on what we really want to do and be is far better than letting our focus roam all over the place and once something unpleasant comes into view, to then pull our focus together where it should be.  Things to consider.  Have an ever-growing appreciation list that grabs your attention daily as you affirm and add.  Making a choice to stay away from conversations or a focus upon something that doesn’t feel good.  Keeping as part of your reading things that inspire. The yo-yo effect of moving from challenge to “miracle” and then back to challenge isn’t fun.  Life can be on a far more even keel, but it takes insight and choices made.  Remember, there isn’t a God ‘out there’ waiting for our supplications to get loud and strong enough to be convinced to do something…  It is Energy flowing in, through and as us and we are constantly giving It direction…something that this Sunday’s lesson will speak to.