The Tradition of Advent

“Metabolism is vibrational response to your moment in time. Metabolism is the way the Energy is moving through your body. And so, everything is in response to the way you feel — everything is. Everything is mind over matter. Every disease is mental first. Everything is about thought. Everything is about vibration. Everything is about the way you feel. Practice scenarios that feel good—and never mind reality. Reality is only a brief moment in time that you keep repeating. Abraham  [Excerpted from Silver Spring, MD.” on 5/11/02.]

Think about it…this is an insight into the basic understanding that everything is vibration-based and vibration (frequency) controlled and defined.  Light and sound are defined in this way, and why wouldn’t the same Principle also be behind the how and why everything works the way it does.  Our tool is mind or thought, and especially a definite focus on something that then invites its innate vibrational frequency into our lives.  The Universe doesn’t comprehend shouting “no” at something…it only acknowledges the vibrational frequency behind it.  If as we shout “no” we feel disgust, anger, resentment or fear, the pattern becomes a vibrational asking for more.  So, “practice scenarios that feel good—and never mind reality.”  The more focus we allow reality to play in our lives, the more it is just rolled over into our tomorrows.  This Christmas make it a time of looking for things that return good and happy feelings.  Ignore what might at one time irritated you for if you don’t, the Universe will bring into your life things that will give you ample moments to again make the choice of irritation, and you are worth so much more.