Prayer and Demonstration

Then…“The physical you and the Nonphysical you are always converging—to the extent that you allow it. This convergence benefits the Nonphysical part of you, and it benefits the physical you. But sometimes you deprive yourself of the benefit of a full convergence. Your Nonphysical Inner Being is intertwining with 100% of your physical life experience, and so, there is never a time that we are not all co-creating. We just think it is a wonderful thing when you deliberately allow the conscious realization of the broader Nonphysical part of you.”  Abraham [Phoenix AZ 2/1/14]

The physical form we see as we look in the mirror isn’t a stand-alone, detached entity.  It is firmly interconnected with a Higher Self, often called “Soul.”  As we learn more and more to come from center to circumference in our day’s activities and choices, we will deliberately, hence consciously, open a realization of the broader self we all are.  This will then have the effect of making the crooked places straight and choices made that have happy and positive results.  When the time comes for a departure from physicality, we will have stepped into full emergence with our Higher Self (Soul) and will interact with new choices to do a multitude of things and renew relationships with people who have proceeded us in this wonderful event that people call death.  If this word means that we will cease to be, nothing is further from the Truth.  Knowing our oneness with our Higher Self (Soul) Abraham reminds us that we are always in a co-creation mode as we dream, desire and plan, and thus give the unlimited Energy of the Universe something to fulfill.