“Well-being is the only order of the day, unless you are doing something to pinch it off. So, little by little, more and more, people begin to feel comfortable with their own thoughts; especially, understanding that thoughts don’t have instant manifestational power, anyway. You live in this time/space reality where there is a buffer zone between the offering of a thought and the receiving of the manifestation. So it gives you a lot of opportunity to amend and add to.”  Abraham  [Excerpted from San Francisco, CA on 8/18/01]

A wonderful reminder to “listen” to the emotional feed-back that is attached to each and every desire, plan or thought…for eventually even the ones that don’t feel good will find its way into our experience in the form of person, place, condition or thing.  Once understanding this aspect of how life works, to then become aware of how moment to moment we are emotionally feeling, and if negative or similar, to then quickly choose a different focus thereby taking advantage of the “buffer zone between the offering of a thought and the receiving of the manifestation.”  The more we make the conscious choice to come from “center to circumference” the more it will become so very natural to us that should a feeling of negativity come, to gently and quickly change the focus we are giving to something.  It will become so automatic that eventually it will cause us to smile…silly me, I don’t think that way anymore.